The Original Midorian

Book Three

What’s the point of being a weapon if you can’t control it?


Evading the Avalon and bringing her family back together is just out of Alana’s reach. Now that Councilor Keren has the key to destroying the Gaian race, the Midorian Intervention will stop at nothing to ensure she can’t use it.

Between Keren’s attempts to destroy an entire race and Mal’s plans to use her, Alana is forced to take matters into her own hands to save not only her brother, but every Gaian on the planet. 

Nothing is as it seems, and when she learns more about her past lives than she bargained for, she has to face her worst fears to decide who truly has the best intentions for the Gaian people.

Alana is divided—along with the anahata shared between her two Mirror Souls—and the time has come to decide who and what she’s fighting for.


AVAILABLE IN: Ebook and Paperback