The Anahata Divide

Book Two

How far would you go to protect the people you love?


The Mirror Souls are fugitives on Gaia, and Aiden and Alana are no exception. The Avalon will stop at nothing to destroy them all, but Councilor Keren has set her sights on Alana and those she loves.

When she confides in Mal about the strange dreams she’s been having since arriving on Nimbus, he sends her away in the hope that deciphering her dreams will be the key to stabilizing the powerful Mirror Soul energy.

Parted from Alana, a determination to live a normal and happy life drives Aiden to fight for her. With the help of unlikely friends made on Nimbus, he will do anything to find his way back to his Mirror Soul and bring her family back together again.

Although they are free from the Avalon’s grasp for now, their lives are still not their own, and they both suspect there is far more going on than meets the eye in the mysterious Midorian Intervention.

The secrets and lies continue to unravel around her, and while discovering the truth about her past and unearthing exactly what the Avalon want with the Mirror Souls, Alana soon realizes that the fight for freedom has only just begun.


AVAILABLE IN: Ebook, Paperback, Hard Cover, and Audiobook