The Mirror Souls Trilogy by

The Mirror Souls Trilogy

The Mirror Souls is my debut novel and was published in April 2019, followed by The Anahata Divide in Dec 2020. The Original Midorian is the conclusion to Alana’s story and was published in 2022.

The trilogy is YA Science Fantasy, with dystopian/sci-fi vibes. I’ve been told it’s not too heavy on the sci-fi, which was my intention, so it’s great if you’re wanting to step out and give that genre a try.

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Intriguing characters, fascinating technology, and a cliffhanger ending pulled me in and kept me hooked. Sci-fi and sci-fantasy and YA romance blend together to create a story that has something for everyone. The world-building was handled subtly but with enough detail to make our future earth easy to visualize. As for the unique premise, a broken world that can possibly be healed by love is a beautiful concept. I can't wait to see where the series takes us.
Amazon reviewer
What a wild ride! This book is fast paced and thrilling. It jumps right in and takes the reader on all sorts of twists and turns. This dystopian world is unique and intriguing. The master Avalon race is calling the shots while the Midorians and Gaians fall into line. Alana yearns for a different life…until one comes crashing down on her seemingly against all odds. I’m still left with many questions on how certain things came to pass and I’m definitely curious as to what will happen next!
Amazon reviewer
I am not usually a big fan of sci-fi or dystopian stories, but this one sucked me right in. The world was concisely explained, yet it was so well developed that I could picture everything as if I was next to the main character, Alana. The plot was original, creative, and exciting. It took a little while for me to be more than just curious, but around halfway in, I was dying to find out what happened next.
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